Vk 36.01 h matchmaking

Tiger 131 Stats

But that still does not fix much since not many people play blitz so around people are in que normally and how is it possible to keep it the same with this. Also I'd rather have another t7 than another t6. Fosknow, on 06 November - If you see Tricks and Dix in a plat, just adopt a BBIC playstyle, you can't win - leave your shoes next to your tank, we'll collect them after the game.

Nothing wrong with matchmaking at the moment from my perspective. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Started by ahmethtut , Nov 05 Maybe it's great, I don't know, but the deciding battle is often played by the bunkers, and I love killing mediums there in my heavy. If they try to go down the low route there's often a couple of tanks waiting Somehow before I get the t I've got to work it out. Any tips gratefully received. Sorry for hijacking the post Not bad MM at all I don't see why the heck are u complaining?

The way you played was bad! And you were the best tank on the team and only did You should be doing per battle to be contributing or else its just simply not enough and u are letting ure team down If its 1vsthe majority of their team, you can be pretty certain you're going to lose. To the OP, thats not a terribly unbalanced line up. Player skill, team work and co-operation easily outweigh the tanks themselves.

World of Tanks Weak Spots, Tank Guides, and Tips

Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Un fair matchmaking Started by Ultradalek7 , Feb 12 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Ultradalek7 1 Posted 12 February - It is not that bad.

To play most VK, play it like a heavy medium tank. Due to its average mobility, u have to plan ahead. See where your team goes first. If they all go one side, follow them, if evenly distributed, pick the side u are better. German VKs usually have average depression, dont climb over hills just to shoot a enemy across it. Stay alive to shoot more enemy.

Stick to a heavier tank if u are not in top tier or snipe like a panther especially when u are not in top tier. If you are in top tier, u can lead a flank with a few other mediums and heavies.

As for the MM issue, when there are more players, u are likely to get the most favourable mm. Play during peak hours.

Weak points of VK 36.01(H)

If u fail to damage, read up on weakspots after the game. For those wondering, VK36 is a heavy tank that might turn you down in the first few games or so. This heavy tank boost a bad gun, weak overall turret and paper frontal armor, mm HE will brutalize this tank. The small boxes around the side of the tank will not be as effective as the soviets magical tracks, so better off wait for the enemy to be distracted.

Now for the good, if you have tried Tiger I and this tank, you will eventually realize the power of the slim profile. It is really, really easy to side-scrape with this tank and 80mm of armor can hold its ground against high tier AP guns.

(Un)fair matchmaking - Gameplay - World of Tanks Blitz official forum

The gun, despite its poor pen, has good DPM and quite moderate accuracy. I had 3-marks on this tank and all I could say is, this tank is one of the best heavy in T6. Not very useful in Clan Wars but in normal matchmaking, this thing rocks. To be honest I rarely used apcr on this as more often than not, you can work your way out without those extra pen.

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Just wait for the chance to strike the sides or rear of T29 and T